For more than 50 years, Lungmuß Feuerfest is one of the key refractory suppliers to the European blast furnace industry. Blast furnace mixes produced by the company are today used successfully in more than 25 countries worldwide. 


Throughout Europe Lungmuß‘ taphole clays stand for high quality and the latest technology. After the start with basic tar-bonded clays in the beginning of the 70’s Lungmuß Feuerfest produces since 1982 exclusively resin-bonded taphole clays. All taphole clays are low in PAH content. Since 2015 the company is also offering a superior binding system almost free of PAH. In the field of taphole clays, Lungmuß Feuerfest is truly the European market leader.

Lungmuß‘ taphole clays can be used for soaking bar and for drilling technique. The development using different resin qualities leads to variable setting times of the clay. Thus Lungmuß’ taphole clays can also be used with uncooled mud guns. Currently these clays are used for blast furnaces with a hearth diameter between 6.0 m to 15.1 m. At a single taphole operation with tap-to-tap time between 20 and 60 minutes, the daily production per taphole is between 2,000 to 13,500 t HMFor maintenance purposes the company offers different types of repair material for the taphole area.


Since 1966 Lungmuß Feuerfest produces mixes for the lining of blast furnace runners and was the first supplier in Germany who replaced the old sand linings by synthetic ones. Today, Lungmuß Feuerfest offers its customers a complete product program for main, hot metal, slag and tilting runners. The company has different production lines for wear, permanent and insulation linings. In the German market, Lungmuß Feuerfest is the leading company in the field of lining main runners with castables and ramming mixes. Fast heating castables, ramming mixes, conventional and tight gunning mixes are applied. An experienced service team offers expert advice for the construction of runners and linings.

For more than 25 years Lungmuß Feuerfest manages on its own extensive lining works under full-service contracts.

Since 2007 Lungmuß Feuerfest offers its customers prefabricated parts for the use as permanent linings of the blast furnace main runners. These components are adapted to the customer’s requirements. An in-house template production allows highest flexibility in terms of design. The modern production and the efficient refractory drying ovens guarantee best possible product quality.

Mixes for all other areas of the blast furnace belong also to the production program:
  • Castables and ramming mixes for the taphole face 
  • Gunning mixes for the blast furnace shaft 
  • Gunning mixes and castables for hoods 
  • Castables for nozzle tips and compensators 
  • Mortar, castables and gunning mixes for pig iron and torpedo ladles