Tradition meets innovation

Lungmuß Feuerfest was founded in 1958 by Hans Lungmuß. It is still a family-run company, now in the third generation. As the owners are closely involved in managing the business, quick decision making and high flexibility are guaranteed.

Starting from the initial plant in the Dortmund harbour area the production has been continuously expanded. A second production plant was established nearby in 1971. Here, most of the refractory products are manufactured. The fabrication of prefabricated parts started in 2007. Since 2015, after a large plant extension, this production line carries on in a new production plant with a significantly increased capacity.

From a strong local orientation at the beginning of its existence, Lungmuß Feuerfest has now developed into a global supplier. Although the export share is more than 50 %, the German market is still the basis for technical enhancements.


Foundation of the Chemikalien-Gesellschaft by Hans Lungmuß

Start of the production in Dortmund (plant 1); at the beginning mainly production of magnesite gunning mixes for steel works, particularly for open hearth furnaces


For the first time lining of a blast furnace runner in Germany

with a synthetic ramming mix at the Hoesch Stahl AG by Lungmuß Feuerfest


First trials with Lungmuß‘ taphole clays for blast furnaces


Plant 2

Acquisition of further company premises in Dortmund


Start of the fabrication of taphole clays

on Germany’s state-of-the-art production line at that time; for the first time single packaging in plastic bags


Tar free and pitch free taphole clays

First company in Germany which developed tar free and pitch free taphole clays


Production on four mixing lines

Three plants in Sudkamp and one in Franziusstraße


Ladle Lining System

Development of Lungmuß‘ Ladle Lining System for an optimized lining and use of monolithic ladles


Building of a new laboratory building


Expansion of the headquarter


Development of a refractory concept for foundries


Building a new production line for taphole clays


New production line

Building a new production line for carbonic castables, gunning and ramming mixes


Plant 3

Start-up of a new plant for the production of refractory prefabricated parts


Taphole clays

Construction of a second production line for the fabrication of taphole clays


Lungmuß Feuerfest Czech Republic

Foundation of a subsidiary 'Lungmuß Feuerfest Czech Republic s. r. o.' in Brno/Czech Republic


Plant extension

and building of a new warehouse


Further extension of the headquarter


+ 10,000 m² / New plant 3

Expansion of the company premises by 10,000 m²; construction of a new plant for refractory prefabricated components and steel construction


+ 9,000 m²

Another expansion of the operating area by approx. 9,000 m²


Extension of the administration

Construction of a three-story office building