Copper / Non-ferrous metal

For many years Lungmuß Feuerfest works together with companies in the nonferrous industry. The products which are developed for these specific applications meet high customer requirements for modern refractory products in terms of stability, costs and efficiency.

Lungmuß Feuerfest supplies customers with unformed refractory products (castables, ramming and gunning mixes) as well as pre-casted elements for immediate installation.

  • Coreless induction furnaces, channel induction furnaces and inductors
  • Casting furnaces
  • Shaft furnaces
  • Ladles
  • Runners
  • Holding furnaces

Furthermore Lungmuß Feuerfest offers:

  • Complete lining and drying services for melting and casting furnaces and vessels on-site
  • Individual insulation and lining concepts for the optimization of the energy balance and casting quality
  • Complete lining and drying service of ladles in the department of prefabricated parts
  • Complete furnace vessels, in particular casting furnaces can be supplied as changeable replacement aggregates for quick installation. This leads to an increase of the plant availability and to a reduction of shutdown times.

The variety of goods comprises a wide spectrum of prefabricated parts, including:

  • Prefabricated crucibles
  • Runners
  • Runner segments
  • Spouts
  • Impact pads and ladle bottoms
  • Running and gating systems