Foundries Iron and Steel

Lungmuß Feuerfest is one of the leading suppliers of refractory products for iron and steel foundries.

Coreless induction furnaces

The portfolio for coreless induction furnaces comprises neutral, acid and basic dry ramming mixes and patch and repairing materials. And all materials for:

  • Furnace spout
  • Kiln hood
  • Top ring
  • Coil grout
  • Insulation (Mica)
  • Basement
  • Push out block
  • Cover

Cupola furnaces

For cupola furnaces Lungmuß Feuerfest offers castables, ramming and gunning mixes for the lining of all relevant areas:

  • Taphole and hearth
  • Melting zone
  • Stack
  • Charging zone
  • Exhaust gas line and combustion chamber
  • Dust separation
  • Runners
  • Forehearth


The portfolio of refractory materials for ladles contains:

  • Transportation vessels
  • Treatment vessels and converters
  • Mg-treatment for spheroidal graphite iron
  • Casting vessels
  • Mezger ladles
  • Crane casting ladles
  • Unheated casting machine

In addition, Lungmuß Feuerfest offers:

  • Individual insulation and lining concepts for the optimization of the energy balance and casting quality
  • Complete lining and drying supervision on-site utilizing by its own service technicians
  • Complete lining and drying service of foundry ladles and vessels in the department of prefabricated parts

Lungmuß Feuerfest offers the complete service for casting and holding furnaces. In addition, complete furnace vessels, in particular casting furnaces and forehearths as changeable replacement aggregates can be installed quickly. This leads to an increase of the plant availability and to a reduction of shutdown times.

Prefabricated parts

The variety of goods comprises of a wide spectrum of prefabricated parts, including:

  • Runners
  • Runner segments
  • Spouts
  • Ladle weirs
  • Converter plates
  • Impact pads and ladle bottoms
  • Well blocs
  • Running and gating systems

Full-service for foundries

Lungmuß Feuerfest offers optimal lining solutions as well as complete of equipment used for transportation, handling, holding and casting:

  • Ladles of all types and sizes
  • GF converters
  • Forehearths
  • Casting furnaces

The services can be tailored to the customer requests and consist of:

  • Engineering: heat transit calculation, insulation concept, the selection of suitable insulating and refractory material
  • Breakout and disposal of worn out refractory material
  • UVV-check
  • Installation of insulation and refractory material
  • Optimal drying: Supply of ready-for-use vessels

The benefits for the customer include the significant reduction of non-operations periods due to reduced installation and drying times. In addition, the production-disturbing refractory work on site is limited. As a result, the plant availability and productivity are increased.

Occupational safety risks which emerge from the assignment of contractors at the customer facility can be reduced.

Particularly noteworthy are the savings regarding energy costs for drying and the administration costs for handling and storage.