Steel works

Lungmuß Feuerfest is a specialist in the field of monolithic solutions for steel works. The enterprise provides high-quality, monolithic products for the different steel work applications.

Steel work ladles

  • Spinel containing freeflow and vibration castables
  • Spinel forming freeflow and vibration castables
  • Mixes for ladle lips
  • Insulating mixes
  • Permanent lining materials
  • Repairing mixes
  • Well blocks and nozzles
  • Impact pads
  • Ladle spouts
  • Ladle covers

Electric arc and ladle furnaces

  • Covers (Deltas)
  • Runners

Vacuum plants

  • Covers
  • RH-degassing plants (snorkel)
  • CAS-OB-Bells

Ladle heater

  • Covers
  • Shields


  • Tundish lining, neutral and acid
  • Tundish (weirs, impact pads, nozzles)
  • Permanent lining


  • Converter closing plugs

Protective plates

  • Protective plates with resistance against impact of liquid metal and slag
  • Protective plates with insulation

Prefabricated parts

In the production department of prefabricated parts Lungmuß Feuerfest develops tailor-made products for steel works. In full cooperation with the customers, Lungmuß Feuerfest’s ambition is always to decrease the specific refractory costs and to increase the productivity of the customers.