Lungmuß Feuerfest –
Your specialist for innovative refractory products

For more than 50 years the Chemikalien-Gesellschaft Hans Lungmuß mbH & Co. KG (Lungmuß Feuerfest) is one of Europe’s leading suppliers of monolithic refractory products. Due to many years of in-house product development in close cooperation with the customers, the company offers a wide range of custom-made system solutions.

Blast furnaces, steelworks, iron and steel foundries, aluminium producers and non-ferrous industry, cement works and other furnace plants, e. g. forges and temper plants are part of the present customer base.

In addition to the development and the production of unshaped refractory products and prefabricated parts Lungmuß Feuerfest offers its customers extensive technical support as well as complete service features.

A quality management system - established in 1992 and then transferred to DIN EN 9001:2008 - offers customers additional safety ensuring a high and consistent product quality.
the refractory products of lungmuss feuerfest are used in the following AREAS of application:
Blast furnaces Steel works Foundries Aluminium Copper Furnace Operations Ferroalloys Cement Waste Incinerating Plants Prefabricated Parts Full-service for Foundries